Lentil and Chickpea Burger recipe

I'm into my vegetarian food lately! I'm not sure why when I adore meat! I decided to make some vegetarian burgers from chick peas and lentils. Okay, so my recipe is a guide. I didn't measure any of the ingredients. Follow the recipe at your own risk, and of course use your own judgement.

400g tin chickpeas 
Half a tin measure of lentils
Half a small red onion chopped
2 small mushrooms chopped
1 egg
1 tbsp corn flour
Handful of coriander
2tsp cumin seeds
2tsp cumin powder
A sqoosh of salt

Put the chick peas and lentils in a pan, cover with water and boil for about 5 minutes.

Drain the lentils and chickpeas and place into a mixing bowl. Add the chopped onions, mushrooms, and coriander leaves. Give it a little mix.

Add the corn flour, cumin, cumin seeds and egg. Give it another little mix.

Using a hand blender, mash up all of the ingredients, until it all looks blended. Don't worry about the odd onion that doesn't blend. 

Dust your hands in flour, and shape them into burger shaped patties. You can dust them with flour if you like to stop them sticking to the plate. Refrigerate for about 15 minutes until they're a bit firm. 

Heat some oil in a pan. I used vegetable mixed with sesame oil. Mainly to use the sesame oil up. It didn't add to the taste in my opinion. Flip them over after a minute. You don't want them to burn. I flipped them every minute to check how cooked it was. It should look a golden brown colour when it's cooked. 

Serve the burger how you'd like. I put mine in a square bun, topped with hummus. I served it with kale crisps which I tossed with garlic salt and a bit of sugar, and a roast beetroot and garlic salad. 

It was really good! The burger is a bit soft, but that's how I like my vegetable burgers. You get a lot of protein in the burger too! The egg serves as a binding ingredient, but honestly don't think it's needed, so it can be made vegan! 



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