Mooching around Bokchangdong, Seoul.

안녕! Hi! 
Oh man I am tired. Right. So, our second day in Seoul, we stayed in Bokchangdong, the neighborhood where our hotel is. I didn't get much sleep due to jet lag. I slept at 10pm Korean time (which is great!), but not so great when your body treats it as a nap and wakes you up at 12.30am! I probably slept another hour until 3am and stayed awake until breakfast. It was really frustrating! Our alarm was set for 8.15, so we could go down for breakfast, and I finally fell asleep at 8.05! 

Breakfast was unusual. I forgot my camera! Silly me. But I still have tomorrow to take photo's! The breakfast included things like mackerel, those little fish you usually get as a bar nibble, various vegetables, rice and soup! It's like a full meal, which is great as it has a lot of protein and fuels you up for the day. It filled me until 2pm, which is a record, I'm usually hungry an hour after breakfast. 

I napped when I got back to the hotel room. I was so tired, I couldn't stay awake while standing. Eventually I nodded off and napped for two hours! I felt refreshed though, and we managed to get out of the hotel and walk around Bokchangdong. 

Here are some of the photo's of the place. Bokchangdong is famous for "offering a taste of the past". 
Firstly, we walked to the Namdaemun market, it's awesome. Lots of little stalls selling glasses and clothes. 
Amongst all of the tall buildings, and city life there is this amazing scenery! A mountain of some sort between the high rise buildings. 

I don't know what this is? A palace maybe? It's basically a huge gate in front of that mountain. I think it's a mountain. I'm rubbish at geography. 

Our selfie. It was roasting and sunny! I'm so glad I stole my Mum's Raybans! 

We went into the King Sejong Story museum. Believe it or not, the entrance is behind this statue, and it's underground! Absolutely massive. 

We didn't look into much of the history. We mainly enjoyed the air conditioning. I also took part in some Korean Hangul painting. There's no photo's but I think I did pretty well writing my name in traditional ink and brushes. 

We walked past this place. I think it's called Deoksungung Palace. They were currently in process of the Royal Guard Ceremony. 

For lunch we popped into 김밥천국. They sell a variety of stuff from noodles, rice, kimbap. 

Sides that come free with the meal. A range of kimchi. 

Soup! I think it's the same as miso soup. Tasted the same anyways. 

Bibimbap (비빔밥). David had this. He loves Bibimbap. 5000원

My beef kimbap. (소고기김밤) I love this. It's so filling! 3000원


We also had some mandu (만두). 

Enjoying the food and trying to use the difficult chop sticks. 

We didn't do much for the rest of the day, I actually napped for another 2 hours as I was starting to feel sick from tiredness. But we went out for dinner in the evening at a place called Samgyetang. 

We were the only ones in! Well, a few tables left as we went in but we were alone the entire time. 

The free sides! Love this part of dining. Kimchi radish on the top right. We also got a cup of soju too. 

Some sort of knuckle. I didn't like this.

Kimchi radish I think!

Pickled greens. This stuff was so refreshing. 

Samgyetang! Basically a chicken ginseng soup. There was a whole small chicken in there. It comes served in a dolsot bowl, so it's roasting throughout. The chicken was also stuffed with rice too. 

I forget the name of this, but it's rice porridge. I love this stuff. My Grandma used to make it for me when I was a kid. 

There are a lot of these street stalls at night time. They pop up around 8/9pm and serve seafood and ramen I think. 

Good drunken food!!

Overall it was a good lazy day. It's what we need after all that traveling.

Much love from Seoul, 



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