Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

The restaurant that is currently every Chinese persons favourite is Tenji's Japanese buffet in Newcastle. The restaurant is located just outside of the city centre, on Barrack Road, NE2 4LA. 
Tenji is not just a Japanese buffet, they are also a Chinese dim sum buffet restaurant. Sadly the Japanese part of the restaurant is a bit rubbish, compared to the dim sum side of things! 

I didn't manage to get many photo's, as you can imagine, once the food is down on the table, it gets eaten right away! I might go one more time with just David though. See how many plates of dim sum we can eat. 
Taken from https://www.facebook.com/TenjiNewcastle?fref=ts
There is a menu on the table which tells you what you can order. Lunch is £10.90 pp which includes both dim sum and Japanese food. You have a range of food choices from small dumplings to huge noodle or rice dishes. 

They offer unlimited drinks for £8 a head. Anything from wine, beer to soft drinks. A good value if you plan on having more then a few beers! Not so great if it's just a couple of cola's! 

Some sort of seafood dumplings
Yam puff
Anyways, the food was pretty good, as you'd expect from any dim sum restaurant really. I have yet to go when I am not with family. Service was great, as they came to the table and took our order fairly quick. Food came out on time as well. I'd admit, I had no idea what a lot of dishes were as my aunty ordered them for us! For example the yam puff! 

Their sushi selection was decent! Lots of salmon sashimi. I probably ate a small salmon worth! They had lovely huge cooked prawns, and a range of different maki's and nigiri. 

Most people who visit are just there for the dim sum option. I didn't even try any of their Japanese cooked food or the teppanyaki grill! I don't think I could have fitted any in. 

It was such good value for money. It costed around £50 for the four of us. If we had ordered the same in a dim sum restaurant it would have been well over £80! 

You have to eat the majority of the dishes you order though, or they will charge you £5 per dish you leave. You can only order so many dishes at a time anyway. We were struggling by the end, so be careful how much you order. 

It's definitely worth a visit if you've not been before though. Go at a lunch time as the evening gets more expensive and you don't get the dim sum menu. They do offer bigger main dishes and some even contain crab, but it's better value during their lunch service. 

There really isn't any etiquette when it comes to this style of dining. Many people on TripAdvisor complain about the lack of service...I advise you to just get up and drag a waiter to your table! 
They are highly busy on Sunday's, Monday's and Tuesdays! So book book book!! 


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