First week completed!

We've been in Korea for three weeks now. We have finally started teaching and have just completed our first week. It's definitely NOT a walk in the park. Not at this hagwon anyways. Some hagwons are easy going, not structured and not reliable. Luckily the one I am at seems reliable, it's very structured but it's very hard work! 
I teach 5 classes a day. Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri I start at 15.00, and finish at 20.45. On Wednesdays I start at 16:00 until 21.55. Break times aren't great, 5 minutes between classes (if you make it back to the staff room on time). 
Some classes are very difficult. Especially when students do not engage. It's hard to get a discussion going during classes when they really do not want to be there. Hopefully, it will change and they'll start opening up to me. But I don't think they will. 
The younger classes during the day (Lancon students) are very engaging, so there is that balance. 

It's definitely hard. Especially when we take English for granted. For example, present participles. We have never learned these in English lessons back home. Or at least when we did, we were never told it was a present participle. Even then, I don't really understand them, I just know how to use them, and when a sentence sounds wrong. If someone asked me why we add an -ing to a word, I would have no idea how to explain it, or dumb it down for them to understand. My instant answer would be "we just do". I know of course, it's referring to things that are happening now, in the present.

Hopefully teaching will become easier. Such as pronouncing children's names correctly. I had a problem with pronunciation this week, I speak British English. Not American English, so they always laugh, cry, or complain to their parents if I say things "wrong". *Sigh* It really discourages me when it happens. It's only my first week, so when it happens, I feel like I should return home and work with babies and young children instead. Hopefully, the kids will get used to my voice.

Keep fighting as the Koreans would say.



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