Food glorious food!

It's been the usual here in Korea. Teaching Monday to Friday, eating out EVERY night! It's cheaper to cook, but the food prices over here aren't too expensive that you can eat out every night. It's so much more convenient too. 

This week has gone by pretty quick. We've been in Korea for 5 weeks! I've only missed home once, but quickly overcame that home sick feeling. It doesn't feel like 5 weeks at all. We've only been teaching for 3 weeks but that's quickly becoming 4 already! We'll soon be off for 5 days (including weekends) for Chuseok. 
Chuseok is a harvest festival. It is one of the most important holidays here in Korea. Family from all over meet up, share certain kinds of food and give thanks to their ancestors. 

This week, we finally opened a bank account! WOO! We got our alien registration cards through last week but we were too lazy to go open a bank account. The process was so easy. We walked in and the clerk spoke English. It took around 20 minutes, signing papers and a lot of pin codes. We got our check card straight away which was pretty neat. Back home, it takes 5-7 days, then another couple of days for your pin to come through. 

Everything for the school is sorted, health check, bank accounts, alien registration and health insurance. The only thing left now is to buy a Korean phone, which I will leave until I get paid at the end of the month. 

Now onto the best part! Food glorious food!

This is the kind of street food you can get here in Korea. 
Tteokbokki, spicy rice cakes, Twigim, fried snacks like battered veggies/squid and odeng, fish cakes on a stick. 

You can also get sundae which is Korean blood sausage. Kind of like black pudding, but hard to explain. It's like a sausage that is stuffed with clear noodles, barley and pork blood. I don't like them much. I might eat them again if it was offered to me but I won't specifically order some. Sundae usually comes with gan or naejang. Gan is liver and naejang is some other part of a pigs insides. 

Korean street food is really cheap. David and I usually have two orders of the tteokbokki, 4 odeng between us, and an order of twigim. This usually comes to around 5,000 won!!! £2.50!

We were at a nice BBQ place after work one night. The guy is so lovely. I wish I had more photo's! He speaks a little English and genuinely wants to talk to you. We had some sort of pork galbi for our meal. At the end, he gave us "service", so something complimentary. It was naengmyeon. Ice noodles. It was SO filling. We were already stuffed from our meal. The broth is made out of cow bones, boiled for around 6 hours he said. It's hard getting around the cold feeling, but it does taste nice! Almost sweet. 

Another night, we were with some other waygooks. So foreigners as the Korean's call us. We went to the "tents", again a BBQ place. It was awesome until I burnt my knee on the drum under the table. I had a turn at cooking the meat this time. I need more practice. 

We went to another BBQ place after work again (bbq is EVERYWHERE here). David finishes late on a Thursday, so we went to a random place. I love going somewhere new! The lady took a HUGE shining to David. She was so cute! At one point, she was making fun of David's eating skills. She wanted to show us how it was done. She filled the leaf with loads of meat, rice and veggies, and basically STUFFED it in David's mouth! She even stuck her fingers in his mouth to push it all in. Hilarious. 

We had samgyeopsal this time round. It's our go to meal. Easy and safe. 


Wasabi onions? It tasted like wasabi!

Pork for samgyeopsal. 

A tofu soup! I didn't like this :'[.

Various namul...seasoned vegetables. 

Dotorimuk. Acorn Jelly. 

Samgyeopsal on the grill! 

WOO finally, a picture of the three of us!

We went for donkkaseu. Breaded pork cutlet. Same as the Japanese Katsu. It was awesome. Really tasty! 

That's it till next time. 



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