Korean Snacks! Review No.2

Ding Ding, round two! I love Korean snacks. Some are strange, some are super awesome! Here are a few I've tried recently:

Snack No.1:
Coffee Coated Peanuts

David and I came across these randomly in a mandu restaurant. They were amongst the banchan table and we were told they were coffee coated peanuts by Nash. We have since found them in the local convenience store for around 500 won. 

Sounds strange? They look strange too. They taste pretty good though. The coffee coating tastes like caramel. I can't taste any coffee at all. You don't get much in a pack, around two big handfuls. They're highly addictive, so once you eat it you won't be able to stop until you've finished. 

Snack No. 2: 
Cheetos - Salty-sweet Flavour

We don't get Cheetos in the UK. I always thought Cheetos were like Wotsits, but nope! They're more like Nic Naks. I LOVE Nic Naks, therefore love Cheetos. 

These were the sweet/salty flavour. There's a picture of a red and green chilli with garlic on the side of the package. 

They're pretty decent. They're a little strange in taste. They're more sweet than savoury, but you get that satisfying crunch. There are many other flavours of Cheetos. It's 1500 won for 88g. A lot of the snacks here are pretty sweet. For some reason, they like to put honey or maple syrup on everything. There's even honey milk flavoured crisps! 

Snack No.3: 
Peppero Double Dip

Pepero! We get these in the UK but they're known as Mikado or Pocky. Some places sell Pepero in the UK though but it's usually sold at an extortionate price, and limited flavours. 

These double dip Pepero come in two separate packages. I don't know why. It's a waste in packaging if you ask me. Who actually saves the second pack for later? You only get five in each pack, I ate them all. Well tried to. David ate most of them. 

They're not too bad. A quick chocolate fix. The chocolate on them is very strange. I find chocolate that isn't from the UK or Belgium very strange. Almost fake. Just like Hershey's! Ew! Nothing beats Cadbury's. They're around 1000won for a pack. 

Snack No.4: 
Bikpam Sausage Snack
(빅핌 소세지)

Okay, so I don't actually know the name of this. Translated phonetically is Bikpam. No idea what it means though. These sausage snacks are in every convenience store. They're one of the strangest snacks here. All Korean kids love them, and they are a great way to tie you over until your next meal.  

They don't look very appealing at all do they? 
There are a variety of flavours. I haven't figured out what types there are yet. This one tasted like spam. I wouldn't be surprised if it was spam since they love it here. 
Some others I have tasted had a fishy taste. I did a bit of a google, and found that some are cheese and fish! I like those ones. This one I wasn't too keen! 

Stay tuned for the next snack review ^-^! I might give bondegi a go next! 



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