Refugees Welcome!

This is probably one of the most difficult topics I will probably write about. Should we allow refugees into the UK? YES. It's a hard topic to talk about, because I do not know all the politics that surround the subject. But what I do know is that all those lives need saved. People should not need to cram onto a tiny boat just to reach safe land. 
The recent picture of the boy Aylan Kurdi has sparked this huge campaign. He was three years old, found on a Turkish beach. His brother who was five years old and his mother died too. Along with all 12 of the others that capsized in the boat. Also MANY others who tried and failed to get to a safe place. 
It's understandable why it's difficult for countries to accept these Syrians. There are so many of them, and it requires a lot of planning and money. But it shouldn't have taken this long for this campaign to reach viral status. 
In my opinion, the only way to help them is for EVERY country to work together. I really hope there will be some form of network worldwide. 
I am proud of the UK for accepting 5000 Syrians already. David Cameron has not set a specific plan yet, or if the figures are accurate, but I do hope so. 

These people are human too. They deserve to be treated with respect, the way we would like to be treated. 

RIP to all of those who have lost their lives already. And prayers to all of those who are in this difficult situation. 



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