Sacheon (사천해변) Beach

Hi :]!
This weekend was pretty fun. One of our co-workers (Domino) invited us out for coffee and some lunch. We are still new to Gangneung, so it was nice to see another part of it. Domino took us to Sancheon beach. Gangneung has many beaches, just like we do back home in Newcastle (Tynemouth, Whitley, South Shields..etc). Over here the most common are Amok beach and Gyeongpo beach. 
Sancheon beach is a bit further north than Amok and Gyeongpo. Probably a nice half an hour bike ride. Domino told us that it's a quieter beach as most people visit Gyeongpo or Amok. 

Domino invited two of the boys from Avalon academy too. One of the boys parents, owns a coffee shop we were going to. The other boy was Domino's neighbour. The coffee shop is called Cafe Sancheon. It's a pretty cute coffee shop, with 3 floors and a balcony area. We sat in the balcony area, overlooking the sea. It was beautiful.

We ordered our iced coffee, and out came these two huge plates of honey bread, topped with honey and whipped cream! It was delicious.
THEN! Out came two HUGE bowls of bingsu. Bingsu is a Korean dessert made out of shaved ice. This one we had was mango flavoured.

It's so delicious. It literally melts in your mouth. The little yellow balls are mango flavoured boba. The same used in bubble tea. There were a few almonds around the side too. Mouthwatering good!

Domino then took us to a little cafe called Shelly's Coffee. It's so cute! The building itself looks old, but it was made to look like that. They got builders to model it on an old building back in Europe. Inside was FULL of antiques. A lot of old furniture, glassware, plates, etc. I'm pretty sure most of the stuff was of English origin. 

We had a spot of lunch. We shared a few dishes. This was asparagus, broccoli, sprouts and bacon. I think the white stuff is parmesan. Really tasty. 

Croissant, filled with a chicken, lettuce and tomato filling. Served with a side of cherry tomato salsa. 

Salmon, cream, capers. Really good. I've never had capers that big before! 

Fried eggs :]! We also had some sweet egg tarts to finish. 
It was a very random selection of food. It was mostly based on the European cuisine. 

It was a nice little lunch. Everything tasted lovely. 

After lunch, we walked to the beach, walked on some rocks and walked across a little bridge. 

It was beautiful. The water, the view. Amazing. 

We were so happy as you can tell. It was just a picturesque scene! 

The waves were pretty cool too. Some really big waves! One of the boys got wet hahaha! 

It was a really nice Saturday, chilled out and food filled. 

I really really REALLY love Gangneung! I can see myself falling in love with the place and not wanting to leave. 

Ah, 'till next time folks,



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