Snacks Review No.3

The snack Queen has landed! Round 3 ding ding! 

Snack No. 1: 
Honey Tong Tong

These are amazing. Okay, so reading "honey" makes you want to avoid these. I've had some honey flavoured snacks in Korea, and they weren't great. For example, the honey milk "chips", those were awful. I shall review them here if I can find them again! 

These are supposedly made out of potatoes. They taste more like corn to me. The flavour isn't exactly honey-like. It has some sort of savoury buttery flavour to them too. One thing I do know is that they are ADDICTIVE. I'm sure you won't want to share these ^-^! You can get these for around 1500won in any convenience store. 

Snack No.2:
Bungeoppang or Samanco 

They're similar to the Japanese version. It's a waffle in the shape of a fish and it's filled with icecream and  sweet red bean. It doesn't sound too great does it? But it's awesome. I know a lot of folk hate red bean but honestly, it goes so well with the ice cream. They're quite large too! I couldn't finish my one. 
In winter, they sell the hot versions in street carts. So the same waffle outside, but filled with hot sweet red bean. Around 1500won for this baby. 

Snack No.3:
Chocolate and Shrimp Snack
(초코는 새우편)

Odd...right? I saw these and was like...I so have to try these. Who ever thought of mixing chocolate and shrimp together? 

They look like turds. Taste wise they're okay. Nothing special. You can't actually taste the shrimp. Usually the shrimp snack is really strong in flavour. This one is masked by the chocolate. Very yucky chocolate. 

Snack No.4:
Potato Fries Snack

Okay so these are snacks that look like super skinny french fries. Back home, we have a Tesco ready salted version. 

These were such a disappointment. I was hoping for something more salty. They're lightly salted with a really strange hollow texture. They tasted really potato-ey too! The only good thing about them was the crunchiness. 

'till next time,



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