Sunday Bike Fun

On Sunday, David, Nash and I decided to go for a wee bike ride. Not a very big bike ride, just a casual one to the beach. It's pretty nice cycling to the beach on your day off. The beaches here are pretty coarse. The sand isn't very nice to walk on as it's not as fine over here. The sea however is huge! I mean I know the sea in the UK is huge too, but when you stand at the waters edge over here, it just seems so much bigger! I loved dipping my feet in. One day I will get the courage to go completely in (maybe next summer!). 

On the way to the beach we stopped for sundubu jiggae.
We ordered a big pan for the three of us. Oh man. It was amazing! Sundubu is made out of tofu, in like a soupy stew. This one contained a little bit of pork I think! 

The banchan we got with the sundubu. From the left clock wise, some sort of rice porridge, spiced potatoes, perilla leaves (kimchi'd), kimchi, some green veggies, kimchi radish, beansprouts. The middle was some sort of salted turnip (radish maybe). me evils. Possibly because I took too long taking photo's!!! Oops! 

Ready to tuck in! 

This over the weekend, I also suffered from a horrible eye infection. I've never had it this bad before. When I was younger, I used to get eye infections all the time. Please ignore the state of my eyebrows!!! 

I rubbed my eye in my sleep, and must have hurt it. It got infected over night and resulted in this pretty number. It was inflamed right around the eye and leaking pus now and again. I couldn't even open it in the morning. Absolutely foul. I was that scared I considered paying to go to hospital! 

After two types of eyedrops, it's now better. Still itchy, but not as inflamed. I hope I won't ever get it again!!! I was so paranoid, I thought a spider or some sort of insect bit me in the eye. 

Ah, so that's it for now. I probably won't post until the weekend ^-^!

'till next time folks,



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