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Second week in! It's getting easier! I'm starting to know the kids a little bit more each day. I started the week really bad. I didn't get enough sleep, and really did not enjoy my Monday. But the rest of the week went by like a breeze. It only felt like yesterday when it was Monday! 

So, last week and the start of this week, I had been planning every little step to my lesson, trying to make my lessons last an hour. Sometimes, the books just don't last an hour. You really struggle to bulk the lessons up. I started to find some extra work sheets, trying to get the older kids to do some creative writing (hard when they don't speak English well). I like that some of them really try. Others just don't give a damn. At the end of the week, I decided to plan only for the extra stuff around the book...like word games, songs..etc. It was so much better! Hopefully it will come naturally soon. 

It's been a much easier week than last week. I'm starting to get into the swing of things a little. It'll take time getting to know the kids before I can joke on with them. 

Right. So, back to business. David and I have been dining out almost every night. We haven't really gotten around to buying groceries yet. Dining out here is so cheap and most of the time, very convenient. I've cooked only once, which was chicken arriabata pasta. Or at least it should have been. 

The package was clear with blue writing .To me it looked like salt. I put some in. NOPE sugar! >-<! I also bought a package called "pod chilli" thinking it was chilli powder. NOPE! Some sort of asian five spice. So my spicy chicken pasta turned out to be a sweet, five spice flavoured meal...I tried. 

Some of the food we have eaten this week! 

This is jokbal (족 발). Basically, pig trotters. I would NEVER have ordered this on my own. Nashwin, our co-worker introduced us to this. It was amazing! So tasty! I actually cannot wait to eat jokbal again. This was the medium sized portion, which served three of us. It was very filling. 

There were a few side dishes around the side of the jokbal. This was oysters (jeotgal). Salted fermented oysters. Or at least I think this is what it is! 

Dubu kimchi. So, sauteed kimchi served with tofu. Very nice, the sauteed kimchi gave the kimchi a different flavour. Almost sweet-like!

Oi naengguk. So, cold cucumber soup. It was nice and refreshing. Common in summer time when it's roasting outside. 

Some sort of kimchi. We couldn't figure out what it was. Maybe radish kimchi? 

Sliced pickled radish for wrapping the meat. 

Some sort of pickled onions and some kkaennip jangajji, pickled perilla leaves

Another night we had more BBQ. This time some cut of beef. It was really good. We had a selection of side dishes and some sort of spicy soup too. 

This here is Dak Galbi! Oh my KIMCHI! It was amazing. Chicken, veggies, rice cake, cheese etc, cooked right in front of you! 

We also went for a meal out with some of the Avalon staff to say goodbye to Robert! 
This here is NOT chicken. It was so funny. We all thought it was. We all ate it and all thought it was strange. It didn't taste like chicken or feel like it. Turns out it was intestine. It was awesome. I loved it! Yum! 

Some sort of fish cake soup? VERY SPICY!

Julie and I. 

Some of the crew! Nash on the right, Hammy in the middle, Michael on the left. 

This is a matcha frappe! Disgustingly sweet. 

Some sort of fish dish! I braved a couple of fish heads. I didn't eat much of it though. I wasn't sure how to eat the head. 

Lastly, a cake! It looks so much better than it tasted. It was nice. It wasn't too sweet, but the cake at the bottom was a wee bit stale. Very pretty to look at though.

I didn't take photos of everything I ate. I wish I did. I will next time. I love looking back and seeing what I ate during the week. Although I've just eaten, I'm hungry again from posting these photos! 

This week, we also bought bikes. 
Mine is this yellow one. I always wanted a bike with a basket, so I'm pretty chuffed!:] 

David's is this red one. 

Or some would call it ketchup and mustard...hm! 
They were pretty decent prices too for new bikes. 380,000 won for both bikes (so around £200), including two bike chains, and the bike lights. It was originally 400,000 won but for some reason she charged us less. 

A good end to a decent week! 



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