Ask Ajumma: An Expat Friendly Takeaway Service

Ask Ajumma! Have you heard of it? I first heard of this service from LiveLearnVenture before I came to Korea! But now, it seems like they are being advertised everywhere. I've had a pretty rough week, sleep wise. I'm tired a lot, mostly due to over sleeping or not getting any sleep at all. 
I've been dying to try out this Ask Ajumma service for a while. I've finally bought a Korean phone (Haaaaallelujah) and signed up to KakaoTalk! 

KakaoTalk is a Korean version of Whatsapp. You add the ID: Askajumma and they send you a response straight away!

I messaged them asking how the service works. They replied within a few minutes which is pretty awesome. I have no idea if they have real people answering the messages or if it's a robot. 

You ask them for delivery. They respond by checking your address, just incase you're on a remote island or rural place. 

Luckily, I'm not in a weird area. I have many different restaurants near me that do delivery. I asked AskAjumma for Bossam which is pork, check my food list

They then confirm a price, which was 30,000 won for a medium sized meal. You accept the order and they send you to another website to register with bank details. I had to use my UK debit card, I have no idea how to use my Korean visa card online. It keeps directing me to a Korean safety page. I'll figure it out at some point.

AskAjumma also asks you to send a copy of your address from a utility bill. Just incase you give the wrong one. 

Once you've paid, they send you a confirmation email, aswell as a message! Awesome! 
The bossam was delivered in less than 30 minutes. It was pretty amazing. 


AskAjumma only operates during the hours of 10am to 8pm. Check out their website!! 



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