Chilsadang Office (칠사당)

One weekend, David and I ventured down town and randomly came across Chilsadang. It took me forever to find out the name of the place. Chilsadang is basically an "Office of Seven Government Affairs". Back in the day, it was where tax, agricultural development, etc was administered. 
According to the internet, the date of when the buildings were built is unknown, but it was rebuilt for the military in 1632, when King Injo was in rule. The Japanese at one point occupied the place in 1910-1945! Then it was occupied by Gangneung's mayor until 1958. 
It's located in Gangneung, Myeongju-dong, 38-1. 

The buildings are located in the centre of Gangneung. It was literally round a corner from a side street. It was such a lucky find. 

Many of the doors were shut. I think you were allowed to go into some of the rooms. We saw one with the doors shut, and shoes outside. Maybe someone still occupies the place?

It's so beautiful. As you can see, there are modern buildings surrounding the area. It's such a weird site. 

There were these buildings too. I think these ones are older than the colourful buildings, but I'm not sure! They're so much prettier. 

They're quite scary looking too. I wouldn't want to be here in the dark! 

This place is free to enter. It's a nice place to visit. It won't take long to look around the place, so it's worth popping into if you're in the area. 

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