First ever Noraebang (노래방)

Who likes karaoke? Yeah, me neither. Or so I thought! In Korea, karaoke is so popular, except it's not called Karaoke. It's a Noraebang. Literally a "singing room". You go with friends, coworkers and sing your heart out. I've experienced a singing room once before, in Edinburgh, Scotland called Supercube. I went with my coworkers at a Chinese restaurant I worked at. It was fun! The ones in Korea are the same. You hire a room for a set time limit. You pick songs and then sing away. 

We had one of the bigger rooms due to the size of our party. There is a TV at the front with two mics so you never sing alone (unless you actually want to...). 

There are settings where you can put on disco lights, and even add beats to the music! 

They also give you tambourines to add your own tunes to the music. I think these are more catered to the Korean music. 

You can also ask for snacks too. I think the snacks we got were dried squid and a bunch of fruit. I'm sure you could get other things like pizza and chicken. 

Here's a picture of David and I enjoying a couple's song. I can't remember what we sang now but it was pretty funny.

If you're in Korea (or Edinburgh =P) and haven't been to a noraebang with your friends, GO! It's pretty funny. 

'till next time! 



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