Gangneung Coffee Festival

This weekend, I went to Gangneung's coffee festival. The coffee culture in Korea is incredible. There are so many kinds of coffee shops. There are so many kinds of coffee! They are really into their coffee brewing and are huge fans of the drip coffee. Most coffee shops here in Gangneung have the English written underneath. Sometimes you can read what the Korean says too, so it's pretty easy to order. 

So, every year Gangneung hosts a coffee festival. This year, the festival started on the 8th October, and finishes on the 11th October. There are various exhibitions, coffee making courses, drinking coffee places, little stalls selling random gifts. There are even coffee entrepreneurs who host seminars about coffee making... 

I'm more for the coffee drinking and buying random gifts. 

David and I went for a little wander! We weren't sure what a coffee festival was supposed to look like, or what happens during one. We went to our usual spot, Anmok, where there is a huge row of coffee shops. Nothing changed, apart from the huge line of cars waiting to get parked (failing miserably!). We went into our favourite coffee shop "AM Bread and Coffee". 

I went totally against the coffee theme and chose a yoghurt smoothie. David's coffee was a caramel latte. It was so good! Both drinks. You can have bad coffee in a lot of places, but this one was pretty damn fine! We also had some olive bread! Massisseoyo! 

They had their coffee dripper machine thingy on show. I have no idea what they are called. It looks extremely fancy. I think cold water gets poured in at the top, and it drips through the coffee beans really slowly. 

We then cycled to Chodang. It's in another area of Gangneung. Quite far from Anmok. It's where they have all the tents, and stalls. There were quite a few stalls, selling random things like keyrings, note books, toys...some also sold coffee beans. Others sold coffee to drink. There were food stalls and even a craft beer stall which sold coffee ale! 

There were some Kenyan style merchandise too! I liked the bracelets they had. Of course I had to buy one. 

This statue is made out of coffee grounds! It's pretty cool. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be though. Some kind of coffee eating animal? 

We enjoyed the festival, it was a nice outing. I bought a nice little gift or myself too. 

The plant pot is made out of coffee grounds. You could make your own if you wanted I think. There were a bunch of kids sticking their hands into brown gloop, then putting them into moulds. It was 4000 won for one, or I could have three for 10,000 won. I have to give them a tiny drop of water once a month...if I water them too much, the plant pot is going to "melt". 

So, that was the coffee festival! 

'till next time,



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