Hotteok and Bungeopang!

Hi Again!
Four posts in one week! I'm making up or the lack of posts from last week! 
This week, David and I discovered new street food items! It's now Autumn/Fall in Korea, so the weather is getting colder. The street food stalls David and I go past daily started selling hotteok and bungeopang. 
I knew what these things were before coming to Korea, because David told me about them. He was in Korea 6 years ago, so knows some of the ins and outs. I've never tried them until this week! 

This is Bungeopang. I wrote about the ice cream version in my last snack post. This is the hot version. The outside pastry is almost waffle like. It's thin, but inside is filled with delicious, hot red bean paste. The one I had was warm, but when bought fresh, the inside is piping hot.  

Then I had hotteok. It sounds a little bit like hot dog. David wanted to buy some for a class, so we headed to one of the stalls and asked for 14 of them. The lady made all 14 from scratch! 

She rolled out the dough into a ball, flattened it a little then put some brown sugar powder into the middle and rolled it back into a ball. 

She then put it onto the grill, and flattened each ball into a disk. 

After a few minutes on each side, it was ready. They smelled and looked beautiful! She was also amused at me taking photographs. 

She charged us 10,000 won for all 14! And gave us an extra one for free (Service).

Hotteok, is basically a pancake, that is filled with hot brown sugar syrup! There are many kinds of hotteok though. I've seen some posts about bulgogi hotteoks, and ones filled with various nuts. 

The other night, we had three hotteoks and it only came to 2000 won! Pretty cheap if you ask me. That's around £1 for three. 

So yeah, try these if you haven't yet! ^-^ You wont be disappointed!

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