Jumunjin Port Cruise

It's been a little bit busy over here. I've not had the time to sit and write anything! I've been feeling a little run down over here too. Last weekend, 3rd October (Holy Moses, it's October already!) David and I went on a cruise with the staff at our hagwon (Avalon). 

It's a "state of the art cruise ship" which sets off at the port of Jumunjin, in Gangneung. The ship has three decks. It's absolutely massive inside. The first and second decks consist of a huge stage and seating area. The third deck consists of a coffee shop, and the outside seating area. 

This is the first deck. It consisted of Korean music and ajumma dancing! There were Russian folk mingling between the "ajumma's and Ajossi's", keeping them entertained. 

The second deck was quieter in regards to the amount of people. This deck consisted of western music. There was a live Filipino singer, and a keyboardist. One of the ajumma's on the ship was dancing her wee heart out! She was a trooper! Here's a little video of her dancing. She danced the whole time! 

The third deck had a cafe. There were amazing views of Gangneung's coast on one side! You also got to see the huge East sea on the other side. Also, on the top deck, people were feeding the seagulls. I know it's bad of people, but it was pretty cool. 

As you can see, the seagulls come pretty close to you! 

The cruise is 1hr 30 minutes long. It travels up towards Gyeongpo beach, then loops around to go back again. 
There are two cruises a day (apart from Saturday). 11.30 and 15.00. It also costs 19,000won per adult. However, on Saturday there is an additional sailing at 19:00, for two hours. It's a dinner cruise, which includes a buffet and fireworks. The Saturday dinner time sailing is 45,000won per adult. 

These are just a few of the pictures from the cruise. It was a good day. After wandering the ship, we all danced out hearts out. 

If you ever visit Gangneung, go on this cruise. It's short, fun get away! 

'till next time,



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