Sannakji 산낙지

Ah, this weekend was awesome. I got to try some new Korean foods with David and our friend Haks! We went to a place called 엄지네 포장마차. It's located near Homeplus in Gangneung. Apparently it's really popular spot for Koreans! They sell all sorts of seafood. 
One of the dishes we tried is called Sannakji (산낙지). Super fresh, raw octopus. Its's so fresh that it's served wriggling on the plate.

We watched the lady grab the octopuses (octopi?) out of the tank. She then took it away, chops it up and serves us freshly killed octopus. 

I'm quite squeamish, so putting something in my mouth that's still wriggling scares me. But I did it! Initially, it felt strange. The little suckers stick to the insides of your mouth and to your teeth! You have to chew like hell or you could end up having octopus stuck to your oesophagus and die. 

So, once you get paste the wriggles, and the chewing, the octopus tastes pretty good raw! You dip it into some kind of red sauce, and sometimes this other salty sauce. I'll most likely never order again though. I was paranoid I had an octopus tentacle stuck to my tonsils, I made David check a million times.  

Here's a video of me eating sannakji! :

A little wasn't so bad in the end. Just a little wriggly and sticky. You could actually feel the suckers stick to your teeth! 

Anyways, try sannajki if you haven't. It's not so bad :]! 



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