Trouble Buying Clothes in Korea

Buying clothes in Korea can be an absolute nightmare if you are new to the country. I am one of those numpties who didn't bring any winter clothes. Apart from the one paint-stained pair of jeans and jumpers which are too hot to wear during the day. 
I've only been in Korea for just under 2 months, but found that you go through clothes so fast. I mean, all of the clothes I brought with me gets used up within a week. Sometimes I would change into a different outfit because I'd be drenched in sweat from the day. Back home, you could get away with wearing jeans for two days. Over here, nope! 

Here are a couple of clothes that I bought this week: 

The striped top (19,000 won) and trousers (jeggings?) (33,000 won). 

The checkered shirt (19,000 won) and trousers (jeggings?) (19,000 won). 

In Gangneung, the clothe shops are all down town (시내). You can find the odd clothes shop here and there, but I noticed most of them down town. There are many different shops, all selling similar clothes. The one thing they ALL have in common is that they don't sell clothes for the average sized foreigner (whatever that may be!). Believe me, I looked in most of the shops and their trouser legs looked just big enough to fit my arm! 

In the UK, I am a size 10. But of course, it ranges from brand to brand. Sometimes I'm an 8, sometimes I'm a 12 in certain brands. In Korea, I have no idea how to convert into Korean sizes. I looked online, and it confused me a little more. I found that a UK size 8-10 is a 55 (90) and a 10-12 is 66 (95). Two numbers!? What!?

None of the stores I went to stocked my size. And even when they did, the width of the pant leg wasn't big enough and it would suffocate my fat thunder thighs! 

I decided to give clothes shopping another go, but instead of the fashion stores, I opted for E-Mart. E-mart is a massive super store which sells almost anything. I have been so desperate to find trousers here because it's getting too cold to wear dresses. Also, I'm sick of my mosquito bitten legs being on show. 

THANKFULLY! E-Mart stocked my size! They have a brand name called Jaju, which I love! The material is so nice, the same quality as you would find in Fat Face. My favourite store in the UK was Fat Face so it made me extremely happy! I bought three tops from Jaju...even though I only went in for trousers! 

Eventually, I found some jegging style trousers I wanted to try. I didn't know the size of them. It didn't have any numbers on the label. I winged it and gave it a go and it fit! It wasn't too tight or too baggy either. I really hope it wasn't a one size fits all kinda deal. 

If you're looking for clothes in Korea, I suggest you try E-Mart or Homeplus first. There are a few other stores such as Uniqlo and Top10 which stock decent sized clothing too. If you're unsure on Korean sizes, check online for conversion charts. Note down the numbers and I'm sure someone will help you find the right size. 

I haven't tried buying bra's or underpants yet...I have no clue where to start with underwear! 

Happy Shopping! 



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