Nothing Exciting

Ah, I haven't posted in over a week! I'm still here, I just haven't had the motivation to write anything. Usually when this happens, I have nothing exciting to post. I still don't...! 
The most exciting thing that happened this week was that I bought a pet! 5 pets, 5 goldfish :]! But....sadly they died. Yes all of them. Within 2 days. 

This was Charles Xavier, Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor and Loki. 

I found them in a store which sells almost everything. They had a bucket at the front of the store with about 100+ goldfish in it! I bought myself a tank, etc and saved 5 of them. Or so I thought. I knew that I wasn't ready for fish...but maybe they would have been better with me than in a bucket of dirty water with 100+ of their friends. 
I know exactly what went wrong. My tank is TOO small for 5 fish let alone 1 fat gold fish. I never cycled my water! Very bad, especially when I have 5 fish, producing a hell of a lot of ammonia. Also, they poop and wee all the time, of course they will die! I never put conditioner in the water either. I did introduce them to the water slowly, but stupid me, I put the dirty bag water into the tank too. They would have died in the store around the same time too.  

I've now cleaned the tank, added all the relevant things into it. I've left it for a couple of days to work, and will buy fish this weekend. Not 5! Maybe a few small tetras. I really want a betta fish again! But I'm not sure if they'll have them here in Korea.  

This week, I also attempted cake pops! Oh man they're pretty tough, and messy! First of all, I didn't bake my own cake (hehehe). I bought one which had frosting in the middle (Raspberry). I mushed up the cake until it was pretty mushy! Rolled them into balls and froze them. 
I dipped cocktail sticks (Don't use cocktail sticks, they're not strong enough) into chocolate and then stuck it through the balls. I froze it again. Then dipped it into melted chocolate :]! 

They turned out pretty well. It was so so messy! The chocolate dripped everywhere. I put them back in the freezer to set, then wrapped them in pretty pink wrap :] 

Voila. They look pretty cute. They were okay, I could have done better if I had the stuff I would have  had back home. 

That's pretty much the highlight of this week! 
'till next time (hopefully with better things to post)! 



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