Adventures in Seoul

Since David and I had to go to a wedding in Seoul, we decided to stay the night, and make the most of our weekend. We've only been to Seoul once before, and that was when we just landed into the country. We were jetlagged and super sleepy. We decided to stay in the same area as before, but not the same hotel. We would have stayed at Daewoo Inn, but they were fully booked apparently. So, we ended up staying in a guest house called Maru. It was located in Bukchangdong, close to Myeongdong. Guest houses in Korea are like hostels. However, we were lucky to get a twin private room. 
It was pretty easy to find. I had my trusty cell phone! They had lockers for those who were sharing rooms I think.

We opted for a twin room rather than a double because Korean double beds are tiny! 

It had a frosted bathroom door, so it'd not really ideal. If you shared with friends, it wouldn't be great. You can see eat other poopin'. 

There were also double showers! It was a decent room in the end, apart from the stupid mosquito that bit David a million times in the night. 
The room also included "breakfast". Eggs, bread and jam which you make yourself in the communal kitchen. 
The room for one night was 48,000 won (£24), which was decent enough. 

On the first night, we decided to do a little exploring. We didn't get to do much exploring back when we fist came. We ventured around Bukchangdong and Myeongdong. 

One of the department stores had their Christmas lights up, they were beautiful. 
Myeongdong had many market stalls. They were up and down each street. It was so nice to see! There were also a tonne of street food vendors too. 

We also took the subway to Itaewon. Itaewon is an area full of foreign restaurants. Many foreigners go there. In fact, I have never seen as many of them in one place! Everywhere I turned there was a none Korean. This is strange, because in Gangneung, you rarely bump into a none Korean. 

We opted for an Indian for our dinner. I craved it for a little while. It was such a hard decision too. The place we opted for had a buffet for 30,000 per person. It was expensive, however if we ordered from the menu it would have costed the same. 

This was my mixed plate. They had thing like prawn curry, lamb madras, and chicken dishes. Their samosa was a bit strange. A little bit too doughy. 

On one of the streets they put up human bunny statues and walking soju bottles. I have no idea what they were for. I think they were stopping cars from going through. 

The next day, we had a full day in Seoul. It's only a 3 hour bus ride back to Gangneung, and they had buses every 30 minutes.  We visited the Lotte Supermart. It was huge and pretty awesome. 
There was a museum that I've been wanting to go to for ages called the Trick Eye museum. I finally got to go!! It's fun if you go with people, so they can take photo's of you :]. 

This is David. Peein'! Haha

Getting eat by a killer fish!! 

Snake is gonna eat him! 

Climbing like a panda.  

Helping them fill heir bowl. 

The museum also had an ice museum too! Amazing. It was super cool, like walking into a super big freezer. 

There was an ice slide. 

It was fun. Freezing, but fun! 

A nice couple took our photo as an ice eskimo :]

Just doin' a poop. Told ya, no privacy in the gust house's bathroom ;]! 

There was a games section too. Some games were free, but the ones where you could win toys weren't. There were darts (pop balloons), shooting, ball throwing etc...and a dunk tank!!! 

It was pretty scary! 

The ball pit was pretty cool :]! 

On our way out, we were stopped by a lady who sold these for the museum. Digital oil paintings. She made us pose for the camera and kept tilting our heads. at one point David looked like a complete creep! It was alright, 15,000 won for the frame and picture. 

Seoul was fun, we wandered around Mapogu for a good few hours, then headed towards the bus station. 

'till next time,



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