^-^ I thought I'd introduce you to my current pets! I now have 7 pets! Not very big ones, but they still count. I've never really been big on pets back home. I love dogs, and have one which lives with my Mum. I also used to own hamsters as a kid, until my mum bought two female chinese dwarf hamsters and they had ended up being male. Don't trust Pets at Home! I also had a tank in my university days with a female betta fish and a few guppies. 

This one is Marvin. He's a male betta fish. He's a grumpy chops and very greedy. He'll jump out of the water to eat food from my fingers. He also snaps up anything edible pretty quick. 

In my spare fish tank, I have 5 cherry shrimp. They're so cool and so fast! I think I have 4 female and 1 male. I can't be sure. If I do, I might end up having babies, then needing a bigger tank. 
Apparently females are much bigger and redder than the males. I have 1 smaller shrimp who's not as red. 

And finally, this one is Chub Chub. The poor thing. I went into Emart to pick up some red wine to make mulled wine. I came out with mulled wine ingredients and a hamster. 

Chub Chub is a Robrovski dwarf I think. I think it's a she! BUT I don't know. I don't really care. Once home and her cage was ready, David took the wee mite out of the box. It hissed so much at him, I think it thought he was a snake! 

He's now settling in his cage. The shop lady said not to bother with bedding. They use sawdust and are okay with it. However, I changed my mind, and gave it some ripped up loo roll. As I put it through the gaps in the cage, it hissed at me like crazy! Yikes! I hope it doesn't do that all the time. Maybe in time I will buy it a bigger cage, but for now Chub Chub is fine. 

Those are my current pets :]! I don't want any more, unless it's a cute dog (I'm not ready for a dog :]!).

'till next time,



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