First Korean Wedding

Oh my, oh my, oh my! I haven't updated in almost 4 weeks. I've been rather lazy this month, I think it's the change in weather. All I want to do is sleep. A couple of weeks ago, David and I were able to attend a Korean wedding in Seoul. A bus driver at our academy invited every staff member to his son's wedding.

Korean weddings are completely different to ours back home. Where we spend a good 12 hours at a wedding, Koreans only have about 30 minutes. You also don't give gifts either, but give money. There is a mandatory amount, I'm not sure what it is, but I had to pay 50,000 won to attend (£25).

The wedding party organised a bus from Gangneung. It was pretty comfortable. I slept most of the way (which is good, 3 hours is long!!). The wedding party offered a lot of food on the bus too, Mom's Touch burgers, mandu and these pancake style things. 

They gave each guest a party bag. It contained tangerines, candy, a cereal bar, water, vitamin D juice, gum and a box of rice cakes. 

These were the rice cakes. They looked so pretty. 

We got to the wedding venue 2 hours before the start and had to kill time at a coffee shop. But, once the wedding started it lasted about 20 minutes. It was super fast. They had kids from the groom's school singing and dancing. There were other weddings in the same building at the same time too. There would probably be around 4 weddings going on at the same time, and plenty of weddings through the day. 

As soon as the main stuff was over (before the bouquet throwing), we were dragged away to eat! There was a room full of food! A communal buffet hall for all of the weddings that were taken place.

I obviously had to eat a plate of raw fish. It was all still frozen though, so I couldn't really eat it. 

An awful picture. I should have gone around taking photo's! There was a whole lot of food! I wish I ate more! They had things from sushi, to noodles, to many choices! 

The groom sang a little song too, which was pretty sweet. He couldn't sing. There was also a "dark knight" who sang a song whilst taking the brides hand to her Dad. 

I'm not sure if I'd like a Korean wedding though! I think it's too short! The ceremony and the banquet lasted less than an hour! The wedding room isn't really personal either. The bride and groom had make up artists running around after them, dabbing sweat of the grooms face now and again.

However, Korean weddings are short and sweet. :]

'till next time (hopefully not another 4 weeks), 



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