First real snow fall in Gangneung

It's been snowing! It's the first real snow fall in Gangneung, which is pretty cool. I don't like snow though though, mostly because the UK has pretty poor snow conditions. It would snow one day, then rain the next, causing slushy mushy mess. There was one year back home in Edinburgh when we had a lot of the white fluffy stuff. 
It started raining yesterday morning (01/29), then it gradually started to become heavy snow. I went to my hagwon at 1pm when it was just a drizzle, went to the store at 2pm and it was so slushy! Then I finished teaching at 10pm, and the whole ground was about a cm thick with snow. 

After teaching, I went with my hagwon for something to eat. We ate some sort of spicy chicken stew. It was tasty, but super spicy. There was also tofu stew and mackerel. It continued to snow, and by the time we finished, it was a good couple of inches deep. 

A selfie is a must. 

I've never seen snow fall and settle this quick. Most of the ground walking back home wasn't even walked on. It's my favourite kind of snow. Light and fluffy. 

Then of course, we had to have snow fights. I'm awful at them. I basically just stood there, with David hitting me and Nashwin sometimes getting me. 

So yea, that's it from me from over here, a blog post to document my first real snow fall in Korea :]. I keep saying "real" because we have had a little snow fall, but it wasn't as heavy and it didn't settle. 

Do you wanna build a snowman?



  1. I want to see Korea in the snow, I'm so jealous! x


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