Hogmanay, New Years Eve! 2015

I hope you all had a good start to the new year! Although there are many people who are announcing that they are having an awful start to the year, or others who are stating they have had an awful 2015. Not a good way to start the new year doing that is it? 
My New Year started with a bang ^-^. It was great. David and I weren't to sure of what to do. It was so cold outside. Our co worker and friend Julie (Hi Julie) told us about the New Year "party" at Gyeongpo Beach, so we went. 
We had to teach up to 9pm anyways, then went for dinner with a friend at a barbecue place before heading there for around 10.30. There were so many people. There was a stage with people dancing, playing drums, singing etc. It was pretty good. My favourite were the dancers dancing to Psy-Daddy.

There were people on the beach letting off those fire lanterns and fireworks. Fireworks are so cheap and easy to buy over here. Every convenience store sells them. They're just placed in a cardboard box at the front of the store. Not locked in glass cabinets like we do at home. I don't even think you have to be 18 either.

I'm against those fire lanterns due to environmental issues, but I couldn't help staring at them in awe. They looked so pretty in the pitched black sky! They're pretty scary too, some of them took a while to lift off, they could land on someone's head.

The fireworks were cool. But again, dangerous. I was afraid one would hit me in the back. You light the end and they shoot out from the stick. I've never been a fan of fireworks, firecrackers, sparklers, always afraid I'd get burnt by one.

There was a lot of singing on stage. Rebecca went to get us some sparklers and fireworks for the bells! Although there weren't any bells here...it was hard to tell when it was 2016! Usually there is a count down, but here they stopped the music and played a really slow "heartbeat" sound, like they do on game shows. It wasn't really a heart beat sound, but you get the idea. Then boom, fireworks started happening.

I spent the first five minutes of the New Years videoing the fireworks and taking photographs. People would say I wasn't enjoying the moment, but it was my first New Year in Korea, I had to document the fireworks somehow...right? Yeah.

Here are some photo's from the night ^-^!

Writing our wishes so we could tie it to this thing:

I'm not really sure what this thing was supposed to be. It looked like a tipi. I guess they light it at some point? Or they just dismantle it and throw our wishes into the trash. 

Sparklers! I didn't do much with these because right after this photo the fireworks went off and I was focused on taking video's of it. 

I got this amazing shot! Heart fireworks! 

I'm the shadow on the right. I swear I was doing the peace sign, but it just looks like I'm waving like a Martian ¬.¬. Although saying that, we do look like we're astronauts on the moon...

The rest of the night ended up being outside a GS25 eating ramyeon and drinking whisky. 

And here's a photo of Chub Chub, enjoying his new cage and New Year treats ^-^!




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