Pyeongchang Trout Festival (Jinbu), Round 2

It's festival time! Last week I went to the Pyeongchang Trout Festival, which was fun (Click here to read about it)! So I had to go back again. The festival runs for one month, from the beginning of January to the end of January. This time though, my friends and I decided to do it differently.

Last time we paid 13,000 won each to fish from a hole with no wind protection. We went quite late too. This time, we decided to go for the tents which included a tent, for two people and chairs. We also decided to go for the price option which included all of the rides at the festival. This came to 35,000 won each.  I booked the tents online, as you couldn't buy them on the day (Click here for more information). All I had to do was book online (with the help of a Korean), go to an ATM, input the festivals ID number, and transfer money from my card. Simple! 

We left Gangneung at 10.50am and got to the festival just before 11.30am. It was busier than last time, much busier. There was a queue to be seen. I also bought a different fishing rod. Last time I used one of these:

But this time, I spent 15,000 and bought one with a reel. It's so much easier to wind up the line. 

The tents were pretty cool. There was no front, just a back. It was facing away from the wind. There were two chairs per tent. The chairs were so small. 

We must have stayed for quite some time, over 5 hours fishing. Sadly we didn't catch anything. It was so difficult. It's all down to the bait. They obviously didn't like any of our bait. Around 3 hours in, a vehicle drove by us, and some guy put a bucket of fish into a huge hole into the ice! More for us to catch!

My friend and I got a little cold, and wanted to use our tickets to try out the rides they had. We went on the jumping cow, the tube sled and snow rafting. The 35,000 won ticket included going on the rides once (Apart from the tube sled, where we got to go on three times or more). There were other rides like ice skating, ice go karts, ice quad bikes, etc.

When we got back to the boys, they had 5 fish in their bags! They didn't catch them though. The people around them were catching them, and they were offered 4 from a neighbouring tent and 1 from the guy who worked there. Then, on our way out, this little boy had a fish hooked onto his scales, and offered us it. We had 6 fish in total.

The fish was then taken to a cleaning station (which was HEAVING). It was 3,000 per fish. We chose to clean and roast 3. The other 3, we took home and gutted ourselves.

It was such a good day. The festival ends on the 31st January. If you haven't been yet, go! It's so much fun, and totally worth the money if you catch the fish, or even given them! 

Bring on next year,



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