The Face Shop 3D Ampoule Sheet Mask [Review]

I'm a sucker for face masks at the moment. There are a whole load to choose from over here in Korea. This mask is the 3D ampoule sheet mask from The Face Shop. 
The mask is dual functional, where the ampoule and mask is used in 2 steps. 
The ampoule is highly enriched and delivers nutrition and moisture to the skin that is damaged from external harmful factors. 
Next, the mask is a 3D sheet, which heightens the adherence of the mask. it prevents the loss of moisture and nutrition. It creates a moisture barrier which increases the effect of the ampoule. 

Ampoule has a high concentration of ingredients which are supposedly good for your skin. A supercharged serum basically. They usually come in bottles with droppers.  

The back of the package. Thee is Korean as well as English on the pack. There is also a sachet of ampoule to put on before applying the mask. 

You can pull off the ampoule to make it easier for application. 

The ampoule is a thick clear liquid. Kind of like a jelly. 

The mask itself had a lot of essence in it. There was still a lot left in the pack when I took the mask out. 

It wasn't dripping which was good, but it was really fiddly putting it on! Unraveling the mask was the hard part.


Wash your face as you normally would. Put on toner. Then apply the ampoule sachet to face and neck.
After put on the sheet mask and leave on for 15-20 minutes. 


Pine mushroom extract, mung beans, oats powder extract, collagen, black tree fungus

The mask is slightly too big too, so it hung off my face a lot. There are two straps which go over your neck. It's supposed to fit your face better as it's 3D. I didn't think this. It was such a hassle getting it on. The neck parts kept coming off too, so I had to lie down for 20 minutes. It's not ideal, because I like to be doing things when I'm waiting for my mask to work. 

I definitely wouldn't buy this mask again. It didn't fit my face and was really uncomfortable as it was too big. It also cost a whopping 3000W! Around 1.50. It's more expensive than other masks out there. 

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