The Face Shop Charcoal Phyto Powder in Cleansing Foam [Review]

I've never seen charcoal products before! They seem so cool, which is one of the reasons why I picked this foam cleanser up. The other reason is because of the sale The Face Shop had. I can't resist sales! Especially when things are super cheap. 

Deep cleansing facial foam with black formula containing charcoal thoroughly cleanses impurities, make up residue and sebum inside pores with its maximum absoprtion and rich foam

Dispense an adequate amount and lather fuller with water. Massage gently onto the entire face and rinse thoroughly with clean water. 


The foam has a silver tone to it and it's quite a thick liquid. 

The foam does exactly what it says on the bottle! It foams up really well! There isn't really a smell to it either. If there is, there is it's not bad. I'm awful for using cleansers. I hate it really! It's a chore. 

I love lathering my face, but once I have to rinse it off, I hate it. I get water everywhere. It's no fault of the cleanser though. The one thing I love about this cleanser, and why I keep using it is because it lathers so well! I love making my face all foamy. 

I've been using this with The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Pore Toner for about a month. Again, I'm not sure if it has done anything for my sebum just yet, but my face is super soft! It could be a combination of both products. 

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