10 useful Korean Phrases

There are some useful phrases to learn whilst in Korea! 
Here are my top 10, all written the way I would speak it. 

1) Hello

2) Goodbye
Ann-yong-he-kye-say-yo (if you are leaving and they are staying)
Ann-yong-he-ka-say-yo (if you are staying but someone is leaving)

3) It's Delicious

4) Can I have a bag please
Pong-tu juseyo

5) Can you put this in a doggy bag (not literally translated)
(pointing to the food) -eego, poh-jang-hae joo-say-yo

6) I don't have 
Op-so-yo (In Emart: Check out- "Pointu Cardu iss-o-yo?" Me - "Op-so-yo"

7) I don't speak Korean
Na Hangul-mal Mo-tay-yo (Not sure if this is correct, but it works, they always repeat "ahh hangulmal motayo" back to me. 

8) I don't know/Do you agree understand?

9) Thank you

10) How much is it? 

These are my top 10 phrases, I use these a lot! Almost everyday!


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