Cat Cafe 양이양이 고양이카페 Daegu

Animal style cafes are now starting to spring up around Europe. There's one in my home town in Newcastle. I left before I got a chance to experience it. David and I were in Daegu for Seollal. After our sauna, we walked back through the downtown area and David saw the cat cafe (양이양이 고양이카페). 

The cafe is located on 중구동성로2가160-1번지. It's on the very top floor. As soon as you go in, you need to take off your shoes. The staff then sprays an alcohol gel on your hands. 
There is an entrance fee of 8000 won which comes with a drink. You can choose between teas, coffees and juices. It's a fair price, as most of it will go towards the cat food, medicine etc for the cats. 
There is also an information sheet to read, but it's all in Korean. I assume it says not to pick the cats up, or feed them anything other than what the staff give you. 

There is a huge cat stand in the middle of the room with numerous sleeping cats. They were beautiful. There were also scratching posts, places for the cats to hide, a potty room too. There is always a bowl of food for the cats to eat from. They are truly well looked after. 

Just a quick selfie with the sleeping cats. 

Having a little pet of the fur balls. 

You can also buy cat treats for the cats for 2000 won. Anyone can buy these. The cats know what the packs look like. As soon as they see you with it in your hand they follow you. As you can see in the photo, David had the pack in his hands, the cats loved him because of it. 

There are certain cats you shouldn't feed, such as the ones with the necklaces. I assume these are the ones with health problems. Or they are on a diet! 

The cats go crazy for the treats. The fatter ones tend to get to you first. Maybe that's why they're so fat. The cat eating from my hand in this photo kept nipping me as it ate! Ouch. 

This specific cat kept trying to drag my hand towards it. Silly cat. I did feed it a lot in the end. 

This was my favourite cat. It was beautiful and at. The fur looked so soft. 

This one too was a nice friendly cat. Most of the cats tend to like being left alone. None of them tried to attack me. I wouldn't risk stroking a sleeping cat though. 

There was also a kitten! Quite playful too. It loved the cat toys. 
I think the cat have regular check ups and medicines too. One of the staff members went around taking the cats behind the counter to do something to them. 

I really hope the cats used were rescued. It's such a good idea. Korea has a massive stray cat problem, and this solves the problem! Other countries should think of doing the same, rescuing them from shelters and putting them into a cat cafe. 

Next time I want to go to a dog cafe! I think there's one in Seoul! :]!

Have you ever been to one? What were your experiences? Go if you haven't, it's totally worth it :], stress therapy! 


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