Cosie's Sushi and Pasta, Gumi

On our travels to Gumi, we found a brilliant restaurant. It was so good, we ate there twice. Cosie's Sushi and Pasta is a chain buffet restaurant. I love buffets. You can eat as much as you want for a set price. It's great. 
This restaurant is in the Downtown area of Gumi. Easy to find! It's on Munhwa-ro. 

It's 12,900 won during lunch time, and 15,900 for dinner during weekdays. It's 16,900 for dinner during weekends. 

There were a few pasta dishes. A creamy based spaghetti, a tomato based spaghetti and a seafood spaghetti. There were also three kinds of risotto. 

Food galore! 
Food here ranged from different kinds of fried food. Deep fried potato, squid, chicken. There were also ice noodles and tteokpokki. Oh and takoyaki. Yum! 

They had a variety of soup too. 

Then there was a sushi section. Many kinds! From unagi, salmon and prawn. They even had raw prawn nigiri too!
 Another section had desserts. Bingsu, shaved ice. Ice cream. Various cakes and fruit. They even had waffles! Oh and next to the waffles were mussels and udon noodles too. So don't forget to check there when eating your mains. 

There was also a section with different drinks from soda to iced tea. 

The restaurant was pretty big. It can seat many people. We went during lunch time and dinner time. Greedy I know, but it was great. We did find that the prices are stupid. It's more expensive at dinner time, but none of the food changes. Saying that, the prices are pretty damn good for a buffet. 



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