Discovering Daegu

Our third day of Seollal involved Daegu. David and I left the hotel pretty late in the day. We caught a train to Daegu for 3000 won each. The trains look super old. So did the interior. 

The train is pretty much a quiet zone. No one talks, if you do, the whole train can hear your conversation. Yikes. 
It didn't take too long to reach Daegu, probably around 30 minutes by Korail. There are other options I think, like using the KTX. 

Our hotel was in the Beomeo area of Daegu. It's easy to travel, there's a pretty good metro system. We got the metro from DongDaegu station to Beomeo with one change over. If you don't have a T-card, you can by singles for 1200 won. The tickets come as plastic coins which you scan and then slot into the machine at the end of your journey. 

Our hotel was called Mythos Hotel. It's a huge hotel with 7 or so floors. The entrance is a little dark, with a tiny hole for the reception. There was no one there to check us in, so I went searching and found a lady on a floor cleaning. She was an older lady, and was so nice. She spoke no English, but we communicated well. I hope she doesn't run the place and clean the place on her own because she was super old, and super nice. 

Our hotel was nice. Spacious with a double bed and a single bed. Guess who got the double :]. There was a jacuzzi style bath too. Not that we used the jacuzzi. 

We heard that there was a Turkish kebab place and had to go. I've been craving a donner kebab for such a long time. 

We got a mixed platter which was so expensive. Over 20,000 won! It wasn't worth it at all. There was hardly any meat for the price we paid. We also got a donner wrap. Too much salad, not enough meat. Kebabs back home were drunken cheap food, in Korea it's an expensive delicacy! Hahaha! Which is probably better for my waistline. :]

We then decided to go to a Korean sauna. We would go back in Gangneung, but we're worried incase we bump into a student. That would be embarrassing. "Oh hey Sarah, sorry, just scrubbing my feet, how are you?". You can read about my jimjilbang experience here.

David then spotted the cat cafe! WOAAAAH! It was amazing! I've always wanted to go into an animal cafe of some sort. I'm not too big on cats, but this experience was just awesome. I'll update later about my experience. 

Overall, Daegu was fun, but again it's like any other main city. There were too many waegookins though! Not just English teachers, but other Southern Asian folk there for work. It's okay, however I got a lot of stares! One guy walked past me, turned his head and watched me the whole time he walked away from me. Talk about being creepy. There was another waegookin who caught David's eye a little and she gave him the biggest angry look! He wasn't looking at you, get off your high horse! 

We never got a chance to see historical sites as we only had one day to explore. 
Next time though, we'll do a bit more venturing! 



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