Ego, Gangneung

Ego is a Korean Italian restaurant here in Gangneung. It's located in Ponam Dong, Hapyeong 6 Gil. 
It's a lovely little restaurant. There is a fake tree in the middle of it. I had photos but I can't find them anymore. It's decorated with books, and fairy lights. It's super cosy. You can see their pizza oven too! 

Their menu is good too. There is a range of pizzas, pasta and rice dishes. They all range in price too. There is an option to get the set menu too for around 40,000 won. Usually it will come with a starter, pizza, pasta dish and an ade. 

The starter was this delicious goats cheese salad. It's basically iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, goats cheese and balsamic vinegar. Oh with parmesan too. I haven't had goats cheese in a long time, so it was a real nice treat. 

Our pizza was Gorgonzola. There was a choice between this and a shrimp pizza. 

Just look at that cheese. It was great. I love their Gorgonzola pizza. There is sweet potato on it too, but it's easy to pick out if you don't like it. 

The pasta dish was the Amatriciana spaghetti. I LOVE THIS DISH. It's the one I always eat when I go. I love the spiciness of the dish. I could honestly eat two bowls of this. 

And the ade. This was the lemonade, but there is also a few others like mango ade too. 

Overall, I love this restaurant. It's family run, it's cosy, it's cute and it's delicious. I'm so glad I live close to it. The waitress works there from lunch to dinner, she deserves a lot of credit. I would be super tired. There is a bell on the table too. Not an electronic one, but one you have to pick up and shake. I don't like using it, it feels a bit servant like, but it adds to the atmosphere of the place so it's a nice decoration.

If you're ever in Ponam Dong and craving Italian, this is the place to go. 



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