Pho Bay Gangneung

Back to my reviews that I used to do back home! I miss my blog being food orientated. 
David and I went to Pho Bay in Gangneung, Taekji (Gyo Dong). It's a Vietnamese restaurant. Like most non-Korean food, there is a Korean influence, so it's judged based on that. 

Pho Bay is a spacious restaurant and it's located in Gangneung, Gyo Dong, Haseulla Ro 192 Beon Gil, opposite Wa Bar. 

The restaurant was pretty dead when we went in. There was just one other table. We sat in a booth, and were served right away.

They gave us a pot of cold tea. The cups are on the table already. I love their cups. I considered stealing one, but that would be bad, so I didn't. :]! 

It took us a while to order, because there was so much choice. 

Because there were four of us, we ordered a sharing platter. It included chicken wings, spring rolls, summer rolls and some parcels. There were three dips, sweet chilli, satay and one other. The summer rolls could have been better. They were filled with crab sticks, a carrot and Korean pickle. ~12-16000 won. 

Beef Phad Thai. 
It was a little spicy. It was good, but there was too much of it. I couldn't eat it all. ~9000 won.

David'seafood rice dish. ~9000 won. 

The food came out super quick. Within 5 minutes. It was crazy how quick it was. All of it came out at the same time too. I assume it's because people usually share the dishes. There were also two sauces on the table, I assume it was sriracha and plum sauce. 

The food was decent. It was all decently prices too. It's the only Vietnamese in Gangneung, so I can't complain. Next time I will order their Pho (Pronouned Fuh)! Yum! 



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