Sometimes you just need a wee friend.

I adopted a dog!!! I'm 100% committed don't worry. On facebook, a man was trying to find a new home for his 4 month old dachshund. His friend left the country, and he was given the dog. He sold it to me for 150,000 won, so around £75 which is pretty cheap for a dachshund puppy.
I have no idea if he is pure bread. He looks it though. He said he has had some vaccinations but I have no documents. I'll be taking him to the vet to get a full work up, microchip and even considering the snip too. 

Okay, so this is Monroe. David and I had three names to choose from. Dubu (but he's not white so we decided against it). Sundae (Korean blood sausage) or Monroe (From Grimm, Monroe who is kinda like a dog). 

So far he's like a usual puppy, chewing, peeing and messing the place up. He's quite good at going to the toilet actually. He was pretty quick picking up where to go. We live in an ground floor apartment but there is no secure garden. He has to do his business on a training mat at the moment. 

Dachshunds are bit a harder to look after. He can't jump on furniture, or go on long walks just yet because in the future he could develop health problems. Therefore, his energy levels are high. If anyone knows a way to calm a puppy or tire him out, please tell me. 

We hope to stay in Korea for about 3 years, or longer. If we do decide to leave, we will take him with us. I will fork out the quarantine needed. Even the vaccinations before he can come home. If anyone knows the process for bringing a dog to the UK from Korea, please tell me :]! 
I think as long as he has all vaccinations and his rabies + blood work three months before traveling he's okay. 

But there we go, this is Monroe. I'm glad I adopted him, he deserves a forever family. 

Kelly, David, Monroe, Chub Chub and Marvin :]! 


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