Yonamja Gangneung

Here's another foodie review. Yonamja is a Korean style Italian restaurant. So this review is based on it being Korean influenced. I will compare to other Korean Italian restaurants though. This restaurant is also a chain, so is found all over Korea. 

The restaurant is very spacious. It's located in Gangneung, Gyo Dong. It's easy to get to. It's near Wa Bar, so just get a taxi there, and walk towards the KFC. The restaurant is up high though, so you'll have to look up to find it. 

Sorry for the squinty photo's. I took them in secret. The restaurant is huge, with an open kitchen. You can see your food being prepared. 
The restaurant was fairly busy. Most of the tables were occupied. 

I don't know why I took a photo of my Welches. But the glass was pretty cool. I forget what the writing says though. 2500 won.  Beer was 3000 won. 

To start. Garlic bread. Crunchy and sweet! Delicious. 3000 won. 

Salami Bacon Spaghetti. 8900 won
It was good. I'd like it to be a bit spicier though. There wasn't enough bacon or salami, mostly sauce. Nevertheless, it was good. I love a tomatoey pasta! 

Shrimp Rose Spaghetti. served in a bread bowl. 10,900 won + 3000 won for the bread bowl. 
Creamy spaghetti. Delicious. 

You can choose to have a bread bowl for 3000 won extra with all pasta dishes. 

Total price for the two mains, garlic bread and a drink each was 31,300 won. 



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