Harbor Grill and Guesthouse Gangneung Review

If you're traveling and want to visit a nice little city, come to Gangneung. It's right by the beach, and there is a lot to do from mountain hiking to relaxing on the beach. If you're a coffee lover, there are many quaint coffee shops. There's even a coffee street right by Anmok beach. 
The Harbor Grill and Guesthouse is one of the many quaint coffee/bistros around Gangneung. It is located right by the beach, in between Gyeongpo beach and Anmok beach. It also has a guesthouse attached to it. Guesthouses in Korea are like hostels. 

Changhae Ro 351-1
You can find their location here on their facebook page

Coffee/Bistro area:
Their menu is pretty small with a handful of items on it. They had a couple of pizza's on the menu for around 14.000 won. I can't remember the exact price, but it's close. There was also clam chowder with bread for less than 10,000 won (maybe 6,000) and a kimchi pancake for around 6,000 won. 

The decoration is extremely cozy. They have Korean books stacked up, cute chairs and tables. It's very homely. They also played relaxing English music. 

There is a TV in the corner. I'm not sure if they ever use this. I assume it's for their guesthouse guests. 

There is also a seating area overlooking the car park. 

First is their kimchi pancake. This was a surprise. I thought it would come out thin. It was a filled pancake and it was delicious. It was slightly spicy but it wasn't intolerable. The texture is a little chewy but I like it that way. I could have eaten another!

Next is their Clam Chowder with bread. The bread was so good! Nice and soft. Their clam chowder was good too, creamy but a little sweet. I enjoyed it though. 
I never got to sample their coffee as I wasn't in the mood for it. Next time I will. 

The owner, kindly talked to us before we left. She showed us her guesthouse in the back. The showers are communal, so are the toilets. Each room has two bunkbeds, so can sleep up to 4 in one room. 

Off peak per person  Mon-Thurs is 25,000 won. Fri-Sun is 30,000 won.
Peak season is 30,000 won. 
Breakfast is also included in the price! 

You can visit their website here, or call her on 033653-0804, 010-8987-1503. 

They speak good English, so booking won't be a problem. 

This place is super friendly. The owner is such a nice lady. Their food is good and it's such a relaxing atmosphere. I do hope they will upgrade their menu soon. The owner did say they will add sandwiches to the menu. Hopefully some other items too like soup and salads. 
9/10 for the Harbor Grill and Guesthouse. -1 for the small menu.


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