Namsan Tower

This week, my mom came to visit. I was so happy. My mom is the best person this Earth, so being so far away from her made me sad. I loved that she could come over and see this part of the world. On our last day together, we visited Namsan Tower (Seoul Tower). 
The tower is 236m tall, on top of a mountain which is 243 m. It's not as tall as other buildings you can visit. But it's tall enough. Those that know me will know that I hate heights. Ever since I was a wee toddler apparently. My mom said that my Dad is also afraid of heights. I can't explain the feeling I get, but it makes my legs wobble. 

There was a cable car thankfully. I didn't fancy walking up that mountain. The cable car costed 8,000won for a return trip. It only took 2 minutes to get there. 
Once there, I bought tickets to see the observatory and the Alive museum. This costed 16,000won. 

The Alive museum was the same as the Trick Eye museum. Not really worth seeing. 
Some of the pictures were funny.
On the way up the elevator, they showed a video on the ceiling which made it feel like you were blasting off into space. 

The tower isn't very big. The views were amazing though, like most towers. There wasn't much to do...No glass floors. Just a few stores, like a candy store and souvenir store.

The view was good. You could see the whole of Seoul. David took these pictures as I was too afraid to move. 

This is Han River. The 63 building is somewhere there too. 

The floor below was the same, it only had a coffee shop. 
There was a restaurant the floor above, which rotates every 45 minutes. We didn't bother going up.
There was also a Korean buffet for around 35,000 a head.  

The bathrooms also had spectacular views. Apparently in the male bathroom, you can watch the horizon as you pee...the female bathroom had sinks by the windows. 

You could buy little slates to write messages on and stick on the walls. Similar to the love locks. Waste of money as they take them down eventually. 

I guess it's worth seeing if you haven't before. 



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