So, I have a new tattoo

This weekend I got a new tattoo. 
I remember when I got my first one. I was 18, and in Aberdeen. I remember saying that I'd only get one in my lifetime. Well, now I have 4! I don't really regret any of them. The one on my shoulder is a bit pants, but I don't see it so it's okay. 
My recent one was done in Korea. I was a bit nervous getting it done here. There is a communication barrier as I don't speak Korean. 
I went to a local tattoo shop called Secret tattoo in Gangneung. Opposite Mr Toby in Ponam Dong. The interior is a bit messy. 

I decided to get a Chu Totoro on my ankle. Chu Totoro is the medium sized guardian of the forest in My Neighbo Totoro.

It was so hard to sit like this for an hour. 

Here he is. Chu Totoro. I really like it. I always been put off coloured tattoos as they fade in the future but, there's something cute about coloured tattoos. 
It costed 100,000W for this. Which is around £50. 

I have a few more tattoos that I want.I'll get them in the future. 
I want to add to Chu Totoro by getting Totoro, Chibi Totoro and Susuwataris, the soot. 
I also want a Harry Potter quote in Korean and a Dachshund. 

That's if I find places I want to put them...


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