First time in Tokyo

It's been a while since I updated. I broke my laptop a few months ago, but I bought a new laptop today!! A shiny new Lenovo. So, I have a bit of catching up to do. I'll start with my most recent visit to Tokyo, Japan. 
Japan is about 2 hours away from Seoul, so David and I decided to visit for our yearly vacation. I've always wanted to go, so it seemed like the best place to visit this time  round. 
We got the bus to Seoul from Gangneung which took about 3 hours and at a Mediterranean restaurant in Itaewon. It was an awful restaurant which I will review later. 
We then took the subway to Incheon airport (1 hour by subway) and stayed overnight until our morning 8am flight. The bus in the morning would never have got us there on time, and the last bus out of Gangneung is around 9pm. 
We wanted to stay in "Spa in the air", a jimjilbang at the airport, but they were totally full so had to sleep in the airport. I pretty much stayed awake the whole night. It was so boring. 
Anyways, in the morning we flew to Japan via Eaststar. I can't remember the flight as I slept through the whole journey. 
Here we are freshly landed in Tokyo, Narita airport. Narita is hard to get around. It took us a while before we found the train station. Even then, it took a while to get on a train towards the hotel. We didn't know that there wasn't a subway into Tokyo city. There are no signs, absolutely nothing to tell first timers how to get there. There was a help guide, luckily he helped us purchase tickets. He tried to tell us the route we needed to get to Kiba station. As a newbie, I thought it was hard. He kept saying get the kasadei line, get off at this stop and at this stop buy a ticket but don't buy the expensive one, etc...Lets say it took us forever to get to Kiba station. 

One of the best things about Japan are the convenience stores! Wow! We have convenience stores in Korea, but Japan is well up there with the quality of food. You can buy bento boxes and many kinds of ready to go food. It was super impressive. 

There were many restaurants too which sold things similar to this picture. This one was my favourite. It was meat on top of rice. I don't know what kind of meat or what sauce , but it was delicious. 

Our first night was at Tokyo Kiba Hotel. A capsule hotel. I will review the hotel at a later date. 
This hotel had cubicles like in this picture to sleep in. It's basically a hostel but with walls surrounding your bed. This hotel also had a sauna and Jacuzzi. 

We ended the night by watching Scotland vs JapanrRugby at Ajinomoto stadium. This was originally why we were visiting Japan. The whole stadium were Japanese with about a handful who were supporting Scotland. The atmosphere was pretty awesome. We were sat amongst Japanese fans, so it was awkward when we were cheering and booing at different times. The national anthem was my favourite moment. 
The score was 16-21 to Scotland!! 


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