Boseong Green Tea Fields

If you're ever doing a trip down in the South of South Korea, visit Boseong green tea fields. I never knew what green tea looked like before it's made into tea leaves. They just look like any ordinary bush. 
Boseong green tea field is located in Boseong on Nokcha-ro which literally translates to green tea road. It costs 4000W per person and totally worth paying. 

This is just one of the many beautiful pictures that I took. Look at that green scenery. 

The green you can see up on the hill are all green tea plants! How wonderful! There was a huge hike to the peak, and it was so worth it! The view was superb. 

Part of the lower green tea fields. As you can see, it looks like any ordinary shrubbery. I tasted a leaf...which just tasted like leaf haha. I guess the green tea flavours are extracted when dried. 

We goofed around a lot up there. Jumping and trying to take some funny photos. 

Just look at how steep it was. This wasn't even the top. I was dying. But it was all worth it. 

And here is the view from one side. You could also see the sea too from high up. 

The trek down was much easier, but it was a little steep at some points. 

The route down had no green tea, but many trees. 

Here is the Avalon family! Enjoying our vacation together. 

This plantation is definitely worth going to. It's so beautiful! 


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