Damyang Juknokwon (죽녹원), Bamboo garden

As part of our school trip, we went to Damyang, juknokwon, which is a bamboo garden. Bamboo is famous in Korea, aswell as other parts of Asia. Panda's eat them. They are used for construction and for making some soju. 

They basically built a whole forest out of bamboo with a path leading through it. It doesn't take long to see it all. 

There are a few different paths you can take. 
We went when it was raining, so it wasn't as enjoyable. 

There are a few structures you can take photo's of such as this pagoda. 

There's a giant mirror cube in the middle of the forest. Not sure what it's for. 

There's even a water feature which was pretty cute, with fake pandas.

It was a nice visit. Worth going if you've never been. 

Juknokwon costs 3000W per person to visit. 


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