Jeonju Hanok Village

A couple of months ago, my school decided to go on a trip to the south of part of South Korea. We took a coach at 5.30 am and ventured down south for fun. One of the first places we visited was Jeonju Hanok Village. First, we stopped at a bibimbap restaurant. It was a busy restaurant. There were queues  to get in. Luckily, our tour group book us in early. 
The bibimbap was good, but not the best. It needed more meat. I'm not a fan of bibimbap in the first place. 

Their courtyard was lovely. 

The hanok village is a traditional village with old houses. There are many stores. Also, a lot of people wear hanboks. Tourists can rent hanboks for the day too, to make it more traditional. 
There were many stores selling all kinds of things. Many souvenirs and gifts. 

I bought a secret box. It would contain earrings, a necklace or a bracelet for 10,000W

I got a cute bracelet and some earrings. I was happy with them. 

There are plenty of food options from traditional bibimbap to galbi. 
There are a lot of snack foods on offer too as well as some coffee shops. 

It is also catered for young folk who enjoy novelty items like these drinks which come in IV bags! Pretty neat!

It was a nice visit. We didn't go into historic site either as we didn't have time. 
It was raining when we went. It's definitely worth a visit. If you can, rent a hanbok, make the experience more real! 


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