Korean Climate

In the UK, we don't have a problem with humidity. However, David and I are now experiencing our first summer here in Korea and it is so humid. The weather is hot, we have thunderstorms and monsoons. The air is then mega humid. How do we dry our clothes?
We wash our clothes, bed sheets, towels, basically everything but they all take about 2 weeks to dry. Yes you read it. 2 weeks! Even then, the clothes are not completely dry. 
How do people who live in humid weather dry clothes? Any advice would be appreciated. 

So far, when it is hot outside, we let them dry in the sun for 5+ hours. They feel dry, but as soon as we take them inside they are still damp. 
We put a heater to the clothes and also put a fan near them. Still, it takes a long time to completely dry. 
The other option is to buy a tumble dryer, but we have no space and it costs a lot. 

We have often  put clothes away that are slightly damp, as they have felt dry. Our cupboards are damp, all the clothes are damp. Our bed s damp...

We have bought those hippo dehumidifiers. We have three in each cupboard. 
We have a mini dehumidifier. We now have a two fans...

In Scotland, we suffered from damp too, but that was because of the cold damp. It was easy to switch on the heating, and dry clothes. But in humid weather, switching on the heating is crazy. 

Honestly, if anyone knows of anything, please tell me! 


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