Mystays Asakusa Hotel Review

Mystays Asakusa is located in Asakusa Tokyo. It's not far from many attractions, so it's a pretty decent location. 
How to get there: 
Get the subway to Kuramae Station on the Toei Odeo Line. 
Leave the station and look for the bridge across river. Walk across it, and basically keep walking until you get the the major crossroad and you will see the hotel across the road.  
For 3 nights it was 17,800 Yen (~£140)

It doesn't look like much from the outside. Each room has a small "balcony". You can also smoke there too, in the rooms but not in the hallway. 

The room was small, but it was pretty cosy. There was a small hallway leading to the room. Our room also had a humidifier, kettle and a microwave. 

The bathroom was tiny. You had to shut the door every time you finished showering or the fire alarm would go off. The toilet had the special toilet seats with the bidet attached. 

The rooms also had pyjamas. 

The cost is a bit high but it was the cheapest none hostel in Tokyo on 
There is no breakfast on offer. They have a affiliation with the Indian restaurant underneath them. If you go and show your room key, you get a free drink. 

There is no housekeeping! 
If you want fresh towels, you exchange them in reception. When you leave the place has to be clean with trash taken out or they charge 5000 yen on top of your bill. 

You can see Skytree tower from some of the rooms. You can go outside and see it too. I went to the top floor (even though it was scary. CCTV will show me holding onto the walls!)..

Overall, the hotel wasn't too bad. It would be nice if the room manual wasn't like a tenancy agreement! It said things like "the tenant must keep the room clean at all times..".
I'd stay here again if I were to return to Tokyo as it is close to the subway and many other attractions. 


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