On our last full day in Tokyo, we decided to do some touristy stuff. First we went to the Edo-Tokyo Museum. It was 600 yen to get in, which isn't too bad. There was lots to see from the Edo period. It was probably the only tourist thing we paid for during our whole trip.

They had some interactive attractions like sitting on the rickshaw. You couldn't lift it though. 

They also had these things where you could lift it like they did in the olden days. I think they weighed about the same as back then too. 

The museum was huge. There were lots to see. My favourite were the models of school food. How they changed through the years. 

After the Edo Museum, we went to the Sumo museum. 

It was free to enter. But disappointing. It was only one room with pictures of sumo wrestlers. You can't take photos, but I sneaked one in. There was a video of people sumo wrestling too. 

Then we went to Yanaka Ginza. An area with old shops dating back to the Edo period. 

It's a small street, with many tourist stores. There is even a street food stall. It was not crowded at all. 
There was supposed to be a cat stairwell, but we couldn't find it. It was a little disappointing actually. The place was run down, and the stores weren't great. 

There were a few sake stores in the area, full of sake! I wish I liked sake, but it was still nice to look around. 

We then went to Higashi Shijuku for the samurai museum. It was so expensive at 1800 yen per person, so we didn't go in. It was a shame, I heard it was a tiny museum too. I don't know why they charge so much for things like this! Do they want visitors or not?

They had many "hotels" advertising short stays. Heh, you know, for when you fancy a quicky. 

We then ventured to another busy part of Tokyo, Shibuya. This is my favourite photo of my whole trip. I love how busy it looks! 

Our dinner was at a sushi conveyor belt restaurant. There was a huge queue to get in. Prices were decent with the cheapest plate being 100 yen. 


Shredded crab meat. 

Yellow tail. 


Enjoying our food! You get a piece of paper, write down the number from the menu and they will give it to you pretty quick. Or take from the belt. 

Raw squid. 

Some sort of mackerel. 

This foul temaki. Ew. 
I didn't know what it was. Turns out it was natto. Fermented soy beans. It tasted like feet. 

Prawn tenpura maki. 

David had a sake. One of the cheapest there. 

They even had potato wedges, which costed more then some of the sushi! 

I forget what this was. It's squid I think.

Shime Saba. This was my favourite. I love shime saba!

Unagi, eel. 

It costed less then 3000 yen for this which wasn't too bad! We were pretty full though. We could have eaten more, but it wouldn't have been enjoyable. 

Then we ventured to our last destination. Tokyo Tower. It was beautiful. 
It was nice seeing it at night time. 
In the day it just looks like an orange pylon. But at night time, the lights are all lit up, and it looks beautiful. 

That's the end to our Tokyo trip. 
It was nice visiting. There were pro's and cons to traveling there. I will write a post about it later on in the week. 


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