Skytree, ramen, shrines, temples and a disappointing izakaya

Tokyo is pretty big. There is lots to see and do. After checking out of our cube hotel, we went into a Japanese supermarket. We only went to the food section as it's the best part of any supermarket. They had kushiyaki. I was in heaven. If I lived in Japan, I would eat these every day. 
They had different kinds, but mostly a form of chicken. My favourite were the chicken skin and thigh. I'm not a fan of tsukune in Japan though. I had it before at a Japanese restaurant I worked at, and theirs were better. The ones in Japan have a lot of gristle and I hate gristle. 

Our second hotel was Hotel Mystays in Asakusa. I will review this hotel at a later date. The hotel is very close to the subway station Kuramae. It is also very close to the Skytree tower. Some of the rooms have the view of the tower too. 

Skytree is a 10 minute walk from Mystays. You could also get a subway to Asakusa station. It's much easier walking from the hotel though. The tower is pretty tall! We were going to go up, but it was so busy...thankfully. I'm afraid of heights, but I want to try get over that fear by going up towers. I was relieved when we decided not to go! 

We then found a ramen restaurant. My first ramen in Japan. It was bar style. You order, eat then leave. 

As with most restaurants in Japan, they have a machine where you order the food. Usually the machines have no English. I clicked on random buttons, and they showed pictures of the food. 

I don't know the name of my ramen. It was a little too salty and cost around 800 yen. I've had better ramen. 

We then visited a shrine. I was so happy getting to see one of these. Shrines are all over Japan, so they are not hard to find. 

There is a specific way to do things here. First wash your hands and then rinse your mouth. 
Go to the shrine, throw in a coin. I was told it had to be a coin with a hole. Online resources said it can be any coin, as long as you throw it with heart. Then, bow twice, make your wish, clap twice and bow one more time. 
It's nice then tourists can visit these, but please remember to respect the place. 

We then walked miles. Okay not miles, but it seemed far and it was really hot too. We got to Senso-ji temple. There was a man with a monkey doing tricks. The poor thing had a leash. I was so sad. Please don't endorse this, don't give him money. 

Inside the temple. There were many people. Mostly tourists. 
Near the temple there is the Nakamise shopping street. Full of goodies and souvenirs. 

It was heaving with people. There were many things to buy. You could easily use up your budget at this place!

This is the view from our hotel at night time. It's pretty! And you can see how close it is to Skytree. 

We finished the night at an Izakaya. 

They had a robata grill and yakitori. We weren't too sure how to order or what to order. We had two beers, two colas and 5 sticks between us (only 5!!) and it came to 5000 yen (£36)! I wasn't impressed at all. I was pretty disappointed with the place and it put a dampener on my evening. I hope all izakayas aren't like this. Makes it not worth eating or drinking there. 


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