Tokyo Hotel Kiba (Capsule Hotel) Review

Tokyo Kiba hotel is a capsule hotel. Basically, it's like a hostel but the beds are inside capsules. 
Location: Kiba
How to get there: Get the subway to Kiba station on the Tozai line. 
It's about a 3 minute walk to the hotel. It's a little confusing to find if you don't have a map, but the Family mart showed me where to go!
It's not far if you leave from exit 4a/b. Head up Mitsume Dori and under the bypass. Cross over the bridge and you should be able to see the hotel. 
Cost:  5000 Yen per night for two people! (£36) 

I don't have any photos of the lobby or reception. As soon as you walk in, you will see the reception. They will give you a key to your locker. Then they will give you tags for your large luggage. Don't leave anything valuable in them! Although the large luggage area is watched, it isn't 100% safe. 

Once you get your key and stuff sorted, head into the locker rooms. Put in your valuables etc. Take your pyjamas, slippers and towels. 


Depending on what rooms you get, they're on different floors. This hotel allows couples! Yay! Most capsule rooms are single sexed. 
On floor 4 it is the mixed rooms. 
Floors 5 and 6 are either male only or female only. I forget which. 

Each capsule looks like this in the picture. For the couple rooms, it's a double bed with a small TV. 

There is a curtain which you can shut but that is all. So when you leave the capsule, don't leave your valuables. 

The capsule is pretty cosy! It fits two people easily. It's well ventilated too. 
At night time, you can't hear a peep. Or at least when I went it was super quiet. 


On the third floor there are the wash rooms. This is the confusing part. 
They have two bathrooms. A big bathroom with the hot tub and sauna. The small room only has showers. 
Both showers and hot tub areas are traditional Japanese bathrooms where you can see everyone naked. 
There are set times for men and woman in each bathroom. 
So, men go into the big bathroom from 3pm-4am.  Woman can go into the big bathroom from 4am to 10am. They change these every two days. 
10am-3pm is for cleaning...not that it looked like they cleaned! 

The problem with this is that at 4am-10am, they switch off the sauna! So if you don't stay as long, you won't get to experience the sauna. 
The nice part to the bathrooms are the amenities. There is a bunch of products you can use. 


You can opt for breakfast in the morning if you want to. I didn't. It was 300 yen for breakfast. 


Larger luggage is kept in reception. There is a area for big suitcases. You get a tag with a number to put on your cases. Then when you leave, you give them the tag that matches the one on your bag. 
This sounds safe, but when I was there
I went into my bag 4 times without someone asking me for my tag or to check I was in the right bag. 
Although no one in their right mind would leave something valuable, someone else might steal your clothes. You never know people. 


The capsule room is nice and cosy. It's nice for only one night. I wouldn't stay any longer. If the capsules were lockable then yes I might consider more nights. It's a hassle having to walk back and forth from the locker. Also there are no stairs only an elevator which can be annoying. 
The washrooms aren't too bad, but it's not difficult to put up shower curtains for those wanting privacy. It's a nice touch providing towels, slippers and pyjamas. Not many hostels do this. 
The price wasn't too bad for two people either! 


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