Tsukiji fish market, Shinjuku and a better Izakaya

Tsukiji fish market is a must go place in Tokyo. Even if you don't like fish. There is lots to buy, souvenirs, fish, knives, snacks...! We met my friend Lina from Scotland! Yay for Scotland, and she showed us around Tokyo. 
There were many food stalls, selling all sorts of street food. It was 10am, so we weren't too hungry. There were a lot of sushi restaurants too. They were all pretty expensive though, some over 2000 yen.
We came across this huge fish head. 

If you're big on knives, there were many stores like this. They sell knives for cutting different fish, meat etc. I'm not sure how they would get through customs, but I know someone who brought back many. 

One of the things we did buy at the market were these cute things. Sweet rice cake with a filling, topped with strawberries. I had strawberry flavoured. David had custard flavoured and Lina had wasabi favoured. 

We then ventured into Shinjuku where they had many character stores. Omg. So many! I wish I could buy it all. I was reluctant buying anything because I didn't have much money. I now wish I bought things after seeing the price of things on my UK card. 

For example. They had this cute capybara! I wish I bought it.

We then had ramen for lunch. It was a chinese fusion restaurant. I had a tan tan! Oh my god it was amazing. I love tan tan. I crave it now as we speak.

We then went to the outside part of Shinjuku. It wasn't as busy as I thought it would be. But we went pretty early. 

Of course, we had to try the purikura! 

Look at our pretty faces. I wish we had these back home in the UK. I haven't seen one in Korea yet either. I'd love to do these often. They're super cute! David looks pretty too ;]!

Then in the evening, Lina took us to an izakaya. Actually a man stopped us in the street to offer a deal. 
I forget the price of this place, but it's unlimited drinks in 2 hours. Of course, not everything is unlimited. They slowed down on service, and then told us last orders before our time was up. 
You also have to order at least 2 dishes each. 

This one was my favourite. It was raw horse meat! I am so glad I tried something unusual. 

Battered Chicken cartilage. I thought I would hate this, but it wasn't too bad. 

Sting ray fins! This is so good. The texture is a tiny bit chewy, but it has a sweet flavour. 

Camembert cheese in dashi. Similar to age dash dofu. It was okay. 

Kushiyaki! All parts of the chicken apart from the green chillis. 

It was good. We stayed the full two hours and had about 5 drinks each. David had about 7 I think. 
All together it costed just over 10,000 yen. Which is around £75. 
It's a little expensive, but I guess it's worth the try. 


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