Ttangkkeut Monorail, Haenam

Right at the bottom of South Korea, there is a little town called Songho-Ri. My school stayed there for a day while we were on our trip. It's a small town, with very little facilities. However, there are two convenience stores and public bathrooms. 
Right next to the hotel we stayed at was the Ttangkkeut Monorail. It's not a big monorail. It goes to the top of a hill basically and you can see the view towards the sea. It was actually quite beautiful.

The monorail is bright yellow, with two compartments. Upper and lower. 
I'm not sure how much it costs, but it can't be too much money. 

The view from the top was lovely. Quite picturesque! The weather was good, sun shining too.  

Here we all are at the top. There were various photo points at the top. 
There is also an option to walk down to the bottom I think, but we opted for the monorail down.


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